David Bowie (8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016) [11 Jan 2016]

I couldn’t let this day go without a nod to one of the most creative musicians of the last 70 years David Bowie. I love Berlin and so have chosen to write about the ‘Low’ LP as part of my tribute to the great man.

The first of David’s Berlin Trilogy (Heroes and Lodger followed) this was considered one of his most influential LPs. Recovering from cocaine addiction I think it ranks alongside confessional albums such as ‘Blue’. Pain is evident.

Low was mixed in Berlin but recorded in France, considered avante-garde it led to developments in the other two ‘Berlin-trilogy’ LPs.

The original working-title was ‘New Music Night and Day’

Side one

  1. “Speed of Life” 2:46low_album
  2. “Breaking Glass” (Bowie, Dennis Davis, George Murray) 1:52
  3. “What in the World” 2:23
  4. “Sound and Vision” 3:05
  5. “Always Crashing in the Same Car” 3:33
  6. “Be My Wife” 2:58
  7. “A New Career in a New Town” 2:53

Side two

  1. “Warszawa” (Bowie, Brian Eno) 6:23
  2. “Art Decade”  3:46
  3. “Weeping Wall”  3:28
  4. “Subterraneans”

Ahead of its time Bjorn Randolph of Stylus Magazine said in 2004 that “had the album been released twenty years later,” and might, “have been called ‘post-rock.'”

A loss to music and humanity!

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