Without Music, Life Would Be a Mistake [24 Feb 2015]

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, Or, How to Philosophize With the Hammer

Struggling today! I started the morning feeling grumpy and depressed. I dropped my gorgeous wife Sarah off at her place of work and drove home.

Newport has been touched by greats and as I drove home I remembered that on the way in I had turned right at the corner where Joe Strummer had lived. His house has even got a well deserved black plaque!

I realised that I had a few hundred CDs sitting in boxes in the garage. Now for someone who loves music this is a travesty. So I decided that when I got home I would have a look at what lay within.

The boxes were large and heavy. Bringing them in scared the cat – he doesn’t like large objects coming into the house. But he found a safe place and stayed out of the way and how my mood changed as I ran my fingers over those CDs. Now he is asleep on my coat. But my mood has changed so he is safe for the moment.

I am writing this post hiding behind a wall of music waiting to be played. That waiting wall will allow me to soak myself in notes and words, from Miles Davis through Todd Rungren to the latest by Pink Floyd, Status Quo and John Fogerty. And there are so many joys to be found in between.

It was so hard to return the CDs not chosen back to the cold of the garage. Maybe the promise of my return will keep them all warm for I shall return for them all over the next months.

I am not going to be so arrogant as to expect you to be waiting with baited breath as that first choice is made. I didn’t make it – it fell out into my hands, calling to me to come back to my childhood. To the time where music became so much a part of my life and when fashion followed on its heels (no pun intended).

In my next post I shall delve back into that time when I danced badly to The Beatles, Stones and Moody Blues. But more how I felt when I moved and listened to The Who and The Small Faces. I love all kinds of music but keep returning to my roots to salve my soul.

Here’s what gave music, fashion and my life the shock equivalent of a cattle prod – turned me into a Mod – and which turned my mood around today:

1307543986_uncut-2011-07   Here Come the Nice – A Mod Soundtrack – UNCUT


1 Ike and Tina TurnerA Fool in Love
Ike Turner – Released 1960
2 Sam CookeChain Gang
Sam Cooke/Charles Cooke – Released 1960
3 Bill Doggett Honky Tonk (part two)
Bill Doggett/Billy Butler – Released 1956
4 James BrownI’ll Go Crazy
James Brown – Released 1960
5 Little Willie JohnFever
Eddie Cooley/John Davenport – Released 1956
6 Mose AllisonParchman Farm
Mose Allison – Released 1959
7 Smokey Robinson and the MiraclesShop Around
Smokey Robinson/Berry Gordy – Released 1960
8 Jackie WilsonLonely Teardrops
Berry Gordy/Billy Davis – Released 1958
9 Carla ThomasGee Whiz (Look At His Eyes)
Carla Thomas – Released 1960
10 Barrett StrongMoney (That’s What I Want)
Janie Bradford/Berry Gordy – Released 1959
11 The CoastersPoison Ivy
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller – Released 1959
12 Jimmy SmithI Got A Woman
Ray Charles/Renald Richard – Released 1959
13 The Folkes BrothersOh, Carolina
John Folkes – Released 1960
14 Bobby ‘Blue’ BlandFurther On Up the Road
Joe Medwick/Don Robey – Release 1957
15 Ray Charles – What I’d Say (Parts 1 and 2)
Ray Charles – Released 1959

Compiled by Roy Carr and Allan Jones
Design Marc Jones
Production Mark Bentley and Nick Meikleham
Mastering engineer Andrew Thomson @ Sound Performance
Cover photo by Eugine Adebari/Rex Features

Uncut 2011 07

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Here Comes The Nice

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